The Arsenal

Originally built in the 18th century to service the naval fleet that protected the Venetian Republic´s valuable trade routes, today the Arsenal has become a focus for of art and entertainment.. It has embraced the Mediterranean lifestyle bringing together elements of history , music, art , food and wine.

Arts and Music
Relax and take in the sound of Jazz filtering through the space on a leisurely afternoon, stay on for an evening concert or performance by both local and international artists.
Visit one of the many exhibitions , modern, classic , contemporary, craft and design – the Gallery hosts multiple shows throughout the year.
Don´t miss Carnival in February, along with a host of festivals throughout the year celebrating local culture.

Reflecting its history, a number of small boutiques offer the chance to take home a piece of old Venice, local music or a bottle of the legendary “Maraschino”

Meeting Place
Come and enjoy the great food and wine, or just relax with a coffee and soak up the unique atmosphere.

Info Centre
Visiting a city for the first time can be a confusing experience, particularly in a city with such a rich heritage such as Zadar. Arsenal and the Zadar Tourist Board have made a place where you can find all the information you need. From accommodation to tours, Internet access and exchange facilities you will find them all at Arsenal.

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