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Island Vrgada - Panorama

Vrgada belongs to the coastal part of the Zadar archipelago and is located at the extreme southeastern part. This is a relatively small island with an area of 3.67 square kilometers. It is covered by forest, in the northeastern part, while the south-western coast descends steeply into the sea. The distance from the mainland is only 2.5 nautical miles. Local shipping line connects it with Pakoštane and Biograd.


Island Vrgada sunset


More than two-thirds of the surface of Sedna is covered with dense pine forest. On most of these spaces once were in fruit-which in the last century destroyed downy mildew. The coast is rich divorced. Apart from the main port of call, called Luka, and the largest island of the bay for mooring fishing boats and boats – Pocrikve or Przine, there are also several smaller bays and coves and sandy beaches Podbrizi and larger bays Kranje in the south of the island.


Vrgada covers an area of 3.67 km2, the length of the coastline of the island is 8.65 km (length 3.0 km, width 1.3 km and the highest point is 115 m above sea level). The island is located between the southern part of the island of Pašman and the mainland coast south of Pakoštane and Drage. Vrgada had over the centuries an important strategic, communication, economic and cultural role.



Vrgada 2015 – Part One



Vrgada 2015 – The second part