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Vrana is a village in Zadar County (municipality Pakoštane) near Lake Vransko jezero. Belongs Ravni kotari districts. It is located at 43° 57′ 23″ north latitude and 15° 33′ 43″ east longitude, north of Vransko jezero Lake, 6 km from Pakoštane, 13 km east of Biograd and several kilometers away from the Adriatic coast.




Vrana is situated in the fertile plains of Pakoštane and near Vransko jezero Lake Nature Park. Vransko jezero is the largest lake Croatian. In 1999 Vrana Lake and its surrounding area was declared a nature park. Because of the proximity to the sea has both sea and freshwater fish, and is known for its wealth of birds. Park is great 57 km2, and the greatest part of 30,2 km2 relates to Vrana lake lying in the northwest-southeast and providing a parallel to the coastline of which is in some places less than a kilometer. The Park is a special ornithological reserve, which is due to its preservation of large reeds in the northwestern part of the lake as a rare wetland systems in 1983 got that status and is included in the list of important ornithological areas in Europe.


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