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Vrana basic information - featured

Vrana | Basic information

Vrana is a village in Zadar County (municipality Pakoštane) near Lake Vransko jezero. Belongs Ravni kotari districts. It is located at 43° 57′ 23″ north latitude and 15° 33′ 43″ east longitude, north of Vransko jezero Lake, 6 km from Pakoštane, 13 km east of Biograd and several kilometers away from the Adriatic coast.     […]

Vrana history - featured

Vrana | History

Name Vrana is Liburnian decent. Ancient writers (Ravenat, Guido and Paul Deacon) returns toponim Lauriana. From the Middle Ages to the documents, the Vrana called Laurana, La Vrana or Aurana. In addition to the above mentioned names in archives and other historical sources for Vrana used and names: Arozona, Arausae, Aurasione, Arausione and others.   Vrana in the Venetian […]

Maskovica han - featured

Vrana | Maškovića han history

Han Yusuf Maškovića in Vrana was built in the 17th century and served for civilian purposes as a hangout, resting and residences. The facility is funded and commissioned the construction of Yusuf Mašković, high dignitary in the Turkish court, a native of Vrana or from Pakoštane. Begin at the onset of the Candian war in 1644 […]